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Early Lease Termination

Early Lease Termination information

Early lease termination, is something we get asked about quite a bit. This page is an attempt to address some questions that our customers have asked about terminating their lease early. The number one question we hear from our customers is of course...

Question: Is Early lease termination an option for me?

Answer: While every situation is different, we have been able to help many customers terminate their lease early. These customers are often able to get a new lease, in a new vehicle, with a new warranty!

A few things you will be asked when trying to return a lease early:

  • Did you miss any payments?
  • What condition is the vehicle in?
  • How long have you had the lease?
  • What is your mileage currently at?

These aren't nessecerily deal breakers when terminating a lease,
but can count against you depending on your whole situation.

Question: Why would somebody want to return a lease early?

Answer: While there are many different reasons for ealry lease termination, some of the more common reasons are:

  • Upgrading to a new vehicle.
    ( Many customers just see a vehicle they fall in love with and want to upgrade early)
  • Life happens
    ( As we all know, life happens and some customers need to get out of a lease payment entirely)
  • Switching brands
    (Not every vehicle / brand is perfect. Some customers may have a bad experience with a brand)
  • No longer meets their needs
    (Like above, life happens. If a new baby is on the way, a customer may need a new SUV or van lease.)

Of course, there are other reasons for terminating a lease early, but this list was designed to give a few examples. Just like above, every situation is different. Reach out to our specialists below, and find out if we can help yours.

Early Lease Termination

Returning a Leased Car

Our lease termination specialists have experience in many different situations. We understand life happens. In some situations, customers that are just looking to upgrade could also qualify for a bonus for trusting us with their upgrade. With every customer, each situation is different. The best way to get started is fill out the form below and speak with one of our specialists for FREE. Our specialists can give you the information you need to make an educated decision regarding terminating your lease early, upgrading or simply returning a leased car.

Turning in / terminating a leased car early

For many the big question is still; Will I get penalized for turning in my leased car early? As stated above every situation is different. We also have the list above to help you understand things that go into making that decision.

Get your questions answered FREE!

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Above are just a few of the questions you may be asked depending on your situation. Based on your answers to those questions, and some other information, our specialists can give you an idea of your current situation. Many times, as long as you took good care of your vehicle, stayed under on mileage and are not in a brand new lease our specialists may give you an offer for your vehicle. Many people even qualify for an extra cash bonus to use towards a new vehicle or keep for themselves on a rainy day.

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*$500 Lease Return Incentive may be offset by fees/penalties due by lessee at lease termination. Lease termination policies may apply. Not all lessors allow for third-party returns. Consult your lease installment contract for details. Dealer reserves the right to refuse lease return for any reason not prohibited by law. Additional terms and conditions apply. See dealer for complete details. Void where prohibited by law.

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