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vehicle Lease Returns is a website owned by the Ed Napleton Automotive Group. In our 90 years of running automotive dealerships, we noticed that there are many customers out there that are not sure were to turn when they are in need of returning a lease early. We created this website to help our customers find answers to their specific situation. Every situation is different when it comes to an automotive lease and that makes it difficult for customers in them to find answers Online. Most people fall into one of three major groups when it comes to these types of lease questions. The first group of customers are currently in a lease or coming to the end of it, and need to either upgrade, purchase, or turn their vehicle in. The second group that we see are customers looking for early lease termination options. This includes customers wanting to turn in their vehicle as well as the customers that may want to upgrade early. The third group consists of customers interested in trading in their current lease and switching to a completely different brand.

Our customers love handling their lease through us because they can make some spending cash for doing it, and we make it easy to change into a new vehicle of a different brand if that is your desire. The good news is that our specialists have pretty much seen it all when it comes to automotive leases. Contact our specialists through email or phone below to get started.


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Return your lease from most brands and Get $300 $500 - today only!
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*$500 Lease Return Incentive may be offset by fees/penalties due by lessee at lease termination. Lease termination policies may apply. Not all lessors allow for third-party returns. Consult your lease installment contract for details. Dealer reserves the right to refuse lease return for any reason not prohibited by law. Additional terms and conditions apply. See dealer for complete details. Void where prohibited by law.

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